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Apothecary, is a mystical candle that beckons you to follow along on a magical journey. Embrace its enchanting blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, wood, and anise, that will transport you somewhere the natural world and the whispers of mystic realms converge.

As you ignite the wooden wick, a refreshing symphony of spearmint and eucalyptus unfurls, like a cool breeze through a hidden forest in a realm untouched by time. The grounding presence of wood evokes ancient forests, where the energy of nature and the arcane converge. The subtle hint of anise weaves a thread of enchantment, drawing you deeper into the mysteries of the candle's essence.

Crafted with premium soy wax and crackling wooden wicks, Apothecary offers a clean burn that is both long-lasting and environmentally friendly.  The candle is housed in a beautifully designed glass container, adding a touch of magic to any decor.

Whether you're seeking a moment of sacred meditation, a fragrant atmosphere for spellwork, or an aromatic journey to uncover hidden secrets, this candle is your perfect companion. Create an ambiance of enchantment and intrigue with each flicker of the flame, and make Apothecary an essential part of your daily rituals. It's like experiencing the soothing embrace of nature and the captivating allure of botanical mysteries in the comfort of your own space.


Made with 100% soy wax, USA grown wooden wick, and certified clean scents.

Burn time 45 hours.

Scent notes: spearmint, eucalyptus, mint, anise, and fresh wood.

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