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Spellbound Candle Company

Room Spray

Room Spray

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Step into a world of enchantment with our bewitching room sprays, where magic meets modernity. Crafted with meticulous care, our alcohol-free, water-based sprays are infused with certified clean scents, ensuring a fragrance experience that's as pure as the moonlight on a starry night.

Invoke the mystical ambiance of a witch's brew with every spritz, as our room sprays transport you to realms where spells are cast and potions are brewed. With each spray, experience the whispers of ancient incantations and the lingering scent of sacred herbs dancing through the air.

Harness the power of nature's elements with scents inspired by earth, fire, air, and water, each imbued with the essence of the natural world. Whether you're seeking the grounding aroma of earthy Folklore, the fiery florals of Nevermore, the airy freshness of Calming Circle, or the fruity serenity of Full Moon, our room sprays have the perfect potion to suit your mood.

Embrace the magic of our witchy room sprays and transform your space into a sanctuary of mystical energy. Whether you're cleansing your home, setting the mood for meditation, or simply infusing your surroundings with a touch of enchantment, our sprays are the perfect companion on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Illuminate your world with the charm of our witchy room sprays, and let the magic of their fragrances awaken your senses and elevate your spirit. It's like casting a spell with every spray, inviting the mystical energies of the universe to dance through your space and envelop you in their enchanting embrace.

Choose from the following scents:

Apothecary - spearmint, eucalyptus, wood, and anise

Calming Circle – lavender, sage, and cypress

Elevenses – vanilla with hints of lemon and lime

Folklore – juniper with notes of leather and smoke

Full Moon – pear, agave, rose, cherry blossom, and amber

Garden Gate – rosemary and sage

Nevermore – violet, bergamot, geranium, and saffron

Pumpkin Carriage – toasted cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove

Tragic Kingdom – blood orange, orange blossom, jasmine, and grapefruit


Ingredients: RO/DI Water, DEG Monobuytl Ether, Antioxidants, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes, Fragrance

Net weight - 4oz

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