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Whimsical Wanderings Trio

Whimsical Wanderings Trio

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Introducing our Whimsical Wanderings Trio, featuring: Elevenses, Garden Gate, and Pumpkin Carriage. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey that will transport you to enchanting places and captivating moments.

1. Elevenses: Step into the heart of adventure with Elevenses, a candle inspired by the beloved tradition of a mid-morning tea break. With its delightful aroma of a freshly baked lemon cake, this candle invites you to take a pause from your daily quest and savor the simple joys. It's the perfect scent to accompany your own hobbit-like adventures or to simply add a touch of coziness to your day.

2. Garden Gate: Unleash your inner explorer with the Garden Gate candle. As you light this candle, you'll find yourself strolling through a lush herb garden in full bloom. The scent of rosemary, sage and eucalyptus, will awaken your senses and evoke the thrill of discovering secret gardens. Close your eyes, and you can almost hear the whispers of nature's secrets.

3. Pumpkin Carriage: Embark on a fairy tale adventure with our Pumpkin Carriage candle. As you inhale its enchanting scent of spiced pumpkin and autumn spices, you'll be swept away to a realm of magical transformations and enchanted rides through moonlit forests. Whether you're a fan of Cinderella or simply adore the mystique of pumpkin-spiced delights, this candle will kindle your imagination and whisk you away to dreamy realms.

Each candle in this adventurous trio is carefully handcrafted using premium soy wax and crackling wooden wicks, ensuring a clean and even burn. Their fragrances are meticulously blended to capture the essence of the adventures they represent.Whether you're seeking a moment of tranquility like the comfort of Elevenses, the discovery of new horizons like Garden Gate, or the enchantment of a fairy tale like Pumpkin Carriage, our Whimsical Wanderings Trio is your ticket to exciting olfactory experiences.

Indulge in these candles one by one or mix their delightful aromas to create your own aromatic adventure. They also make the perfect gift for fellow explorers who yearn for a touch of adventure in their lives.

Set the mood for your next quest, whether it's a real-life exploration or simply an escape into the realms of your imagination, with our Whimsical Wanderings Trio - Elevenses, Garden Gate, and Pumpkin Carriage. The adventure begins with a flicker of the flame.


Made with 100% soy wax, USA grown wooden wick, and certified clean scents.

Burn time 15 hours each.

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